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Boost your sales and revenue with Basiq360, a comprehensive platform designed to automate and streamline your sales activities. Manage your sales force and channel partners to close more deals faster.

Motivate Your Channel Partners to Sell Your Products More

With our cloud-based solution, you can manage your distributors, direct distributor, retailers, and other sales influencers more efficiently, driving them to sell more of your products and increasing your bottom line. Manage your reward programs more effectively with QR code-based system and relieve yourself from the headaches of managing traditional loyalty programs.

Use QR to See Everything From Product to Installation

Manage your inventory and dispatch processes in and out of your warehouse easily. Associate every product with a unique QR code, making it possible to track its journey from warehouse to customer. This QR-based automation provides full visibility into your value chain, letting you see everything and reducing errors and product fraud.

Reduce Loyalty Fraud, Fake Products, and Other Headaches

Get 360º transparency into your channel partnerships, improving primary and secondary order pipelines and reducing loyalty fraud. This system encourages distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers to sell more of your products while providing a reliable and secure way to track rewards and eliminate the risk of fake products.

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