Welcome to a new era of business efficiency in the hardware industry, where your challenges become stepping stones to remarkable success. Basiq360 is designed to empower your operations, turning hurdles into opportunities with comprehensive, automation-driven solutions.


Inefficient Sales Management

  • Sales form the backbone of any business. In the absence of an efficient system, you're left with:

    • Fragmented sales operations causing delays and inaccuracies
    • Lack of real-time insights leading to missed opportunities and weak decision-making
    • Manual tracking that’s time-consuming and error-prone

  • Basiq360's Sales Force Automation solution revolutionizes sales management with:

    Powerful Dashboards: Get a bird’s eye view of your business progress with dashboards featuring popular KPIs and metrics. Monitor inquiries, manage customer networks, and track your sales force’s activities in real time.

    Order Management: Automate primary and secondary order management. This includes execution by the company and approval by distributors using communication tools like WhatsApp.

    Sales Force Attendance: Keep a tab on your sales force’s punctuality with attendance management integrated with HRIS via APIs for accurate reporting.


Complicated Dealer Relationships

  • Managing dealer relationships can be a challenging task with:

    • Lack of transparency in channel partnerships
    • Difficulty in tracking primary and secondary order pipelines
    • Inability to manage customer networks effectively

  • The Dealer Management System in Basiq360 simplifies dealer relationships:

    • Gain 360º transparency into your channel partnerships, improving trust and efficiency. Effectively manage your primary and secondary order pipelines, ensuring smooth operation and timely fulfillment.
    • Seamlessly manage customer networks, including distributors, dealers, and retailers, helping you monitor every aspect of your dealer relationships.


Ineffective Loyalty Programs

  • Traditional reward systems often fall short because of:

    • Difficulty in tracking rewards and redemptions
    • Lack of flexibility and customization in rewards programs
    • Inefficient management of rewards leading to decreased sales and increased fraud

  • Loyalty & Rewards Management in Basiq360 breathes new life into loyalty programs with:

    • QR-Based Points: Set up QR-based rewards programs and point redemptions in no time, offering a variety of incentives such as time-based, product-based, and area-wise bonus schemes.
    • Flexible Redemption Options: Let your partners choose their preferred redemption method, whether via Paytm wallet, UPI transfers, or physical gifts. Plus, manage your loyalty campaigns dynamically as per your sales revenues.
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of your loyalty program’s performance and swiftly respond to channel partner claims, thereby improving partner satisfaction and loyalty.


Daunting Inventory and Dispatch Processes

  • Inventory and dispatch processes can be a real headache with:

    • Inaccurate inventory counts leading to stock-out and overstock
    • Complex dispatch processes causing delays and errors
    • Difficulty in handling sales returns and price changes

  • Inventory & Dispatch management in Basiq360 streamlines these processes with:

    • QR-Based Inventory: Generate QR-code based inventory and manage stock across multiple warehouses, ensuring you always have accurate stock information.
    • QR-Mapped Dispatch: Dispatch products against invoices with QR-code mapping. Generate gate passes, handle sales returns, and reprint labels when necessary, ensuring a smooth dispatch process.

  • Additional features in Basiq360 further enhance your operations:

    • Expense Management: Share announcements, manage expense requests from salespeople, and plan events with managerial approval.
    • Travel Planning: Streamline leave management and travel planning with managerial approval. Follow up leads effectively with reminders connected to the Inquiries and Customer Network modules.
    • Gifts & POPs Management: Manage and monitor marketing materials, assign tasks, and track their progress. Set targets for sales and counter visits to stay on top of your sales goals.

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