Sanitary Ware

Elevate your Sanitary Ware business with Basiq360, an advanced automation platform to revolutionize your operations. Our solution adapts to your unique processes, enabling a seamless transition toward efficient and effective workflow management.


Confronting the Challenges

  • Market Fragmentation

    • The sanitary ware industry is beset with countless small and medium-sized players, muddling sales, inventory, and distribution management.
    • A standardized and streamlined approach to business operations is crucial to stay ahead.

  • Quality Control

    • The sanitary ware market hosts a broad spectrum of product quality, making consistent customer satisfaction a daunting task.
    • Basiq360 ensures standardization of quality protocols to uphold your brand image.

  • Evolving Consumer Demands

    • Today’s consumers demand a wide array of sanitary ware choices, premium quality, and exceptional service.
    • Basiq360 helps you meet these demands, driving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Logistics Complexity

    • Coordinating the journey of sanitary ware products from manufacturing facilities to dealers and finally to consumers is complex and taxing.
    • Basiq360 simplifies this process with robust logistics and supply chain management features.

  • Channel Management Issues

    • Building and maintaining relationships with dealers, distributors, and other sales influencers in the sanitary ware industry can be overwhelming.
    • Basiq360’s incentive systems motivate these channels, encouraging sales growth.

  • Inefficiencies in Sales Processes

    • Outdated sales practices can stifle growth in the fast-paced sanitary ware market.
    • Basiq360’s sales automation capabilities enhance efficiency and speed, keeping you on the cutting edge.


The Basiq360 Advantage

Basiq360 offers a comprehensive suite of applications specifically designed for sanitary ware businesses to navigate these challenges.

  • Sales Force Automation

    • Our system empowers you to automate sales activities, close deals swiftly, and boost revenues in the sanitary ware industry.
    • Features include intuitive dashboards, efficient order management, travel planning tools, expense management, and a system for managing gifts & POPs.

  • Dealer Management System

    • Our cloud-based dealer management system gives you a 360-degree view of your channel partnerships, enhancing your sanitary ware order pipeline.
    • The system offers a comprehensive dashboard, a customer network management system, an order management system for primary and secondary orders, and integrated accounting software.

  • Influencer Rewards Management

    • Our QR-based loyalty and rewards system incentivizes your sanitary ware dealers, distributors, and other sales influencers.
    • The system allows quick setup of QR-based rewards programs, offers various redemption options, and enables real-time tracking of your loyalty program’s performance.

  • Inventory & Dispatch

    • Manage your sanitary ware inventory and dispatch processes effortlessly with our QR-based automation.
    • Our system supports QR-code-based inventory generation, stock management across multiple warehouses, and QR-mapped dispatch against invoices.


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