Present State of Customer Loyalty Management in India

June 9, 2023

Present State of Customer Loyalty Management in India

For brands across numerous sectors, consumer loyalty is the golden chalice, and they implement their top strategies to attract consumers. Nonetheless, the dynamic market trends and the shift towards digital channels significantly impact customer loyalty.

The condition of customer loyalty management in India is never static, given the value-oriented nature of the Indian market. Indian customers form a stronger bond with brands that augment their experience with products or services.

According to a study, Indians are the most demanding yet faithful consumers globally. This information suggests how engaging each customer’s potential can drastically alter your brand’s future. So let’s examine the aspects that compel brands and loyalty program designers to reassess their strategies to retain customers.

Transitioning to contemporary loyalty

Observing the present market situation, one factor that has stirred brands into action is the market’s daily shift toward contemporary loyalty. As a result, customers are seeking more than just accumulating and spending points. This intriguing trend has opened more opportunities for brands to innovate and overcome challenges to offer a unique customer experience.

In India, Basiq360 is among the pioneers that have facilitated the introduction of the concept of contemporary loyalty to the market. Its robust loyalty programs are meeting the modern needs of brands.

Launching appealing loyalty programs

Adapting to contemporary loyalty in India has led to several intriguing loyalty programs that set new standards. Various industries highly demand loyalty programs to ensure customers remain loyal to their brands. Leading loyalty program management companies are already exploring more ways to launch engaging loyalty programs.

Basiq360’s smart QR code scans gratify millions of customers, fostering brand loyalty.

Incorporating lower-middle-class customers

Not long ago, loyalty and rewards programs were designed exclusively for middle-class consumers. However, the landscape changed, and the affluent community became a target brand audience. This group contributes significantly to brands’ revenues, prompting brands to take their needs seriously.

Basiq360’s white-labeled brand app is user-friendly, catering to people who may not be tech-savvy.

Incorporating Big Data in loyalty programs

Big Data has emerged at the forefront of loyalty programs to amplify personalization. That allows brands to tailor their interaction with customers over time as it assists in analyzing segment members based on demographics, reward preferences, and more. As a result, integrating Big Data has revolutionized the landscape of loyalty programs in India.

Basiq360’s solutions are a testament to how Big Data can reshape this budding trend.

Final Words

Indian consumers seek value. You won the game if you can help them achieve it.

Elevate your successful strategy by connecting with Basiq360, one of the premier providers of loyalty programs in India. We’re here to support your brand!


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