Warehouse Management System for the CPG Industry

Warehouse Management System for the CPG Industry

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a sophisticated construct requiring ongoing care. Therefore, regular optimization cycles are essential for an effective WMS to ensure seamless business operations through internal traceability.

By internal traceability, we’re referring to your warehouse. But how can you determine if your WMS is delivering the needed outcomes? Is it providing total inventory control? WMS software enables businesses to exercise control over their inventory, making it more straightforward:

  • to carry out cycle counts,
  • track shipments,
  • monitor expiration dates, and deal with other inventory-related issues.

QR codes are the newest instruments for managing Warehouse Management Systems. They enhance inventory visibility through QR codes affixed to each rack and every product, keeping inventory well-ordered.

Case Study: A Client in the Electronics Industry

Our client, a leading electronics company in India, specializes in manufacturing consumer electronic durables. Despite substantial investment, our client needed help to reach targeted revenue. Our analysis discovered an overreliance on manual data.

The consequence? A lack of real-time data concerning inventory is a critical flaw for any Warehouse Management System. Upon research, Basiq360, a trusted name for QR code-based products, uncovered the following issues:


Absence of Internal Traceability in Warehouse

Our client had little control over inventory due to the lack of necessary technology and solutions. There were no dependable digital methods for tracking and tracing goods movement within the warehouse, with the system completely reliant on register records.

The outcome? Difficulty in swiftly tracing goods, be they incoming or outgoing, from the warehouse. A warehouse management system can only yield positive results using advanced technology.

Mistakes in Return Management

The economic viability of a brand relies on the combined efforts of procurement, manufacturing, and distribution services. However, a single error in logging an entry can lead to significant problems. Our client encountered such issues in return management within their warehouse due to manual counting and inventory upkeep.

These errors stem from inaccurate inventory, lack of digitized solutions, poor picking/dropping management, and no automatic inventory update.

Substandard Rack Management

Electronic goods require meticulous care and handling. Moreover, they need digital record maintenance due to large inventory lots. Our client faced the same problem. Large orders led to a failure in implementing the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) rule. Therefore, effective warehouse space management for every inventory inflow or outflow is crucial.

However, our client could not handle this issue, resulting from reliance on manual labor to manage the racks within its warehouse. As we know, manual work is error-prone, a problem our client faces too!

Inefficient Inventory/Demand Management

Our client relied entirely on manual methods to manage their inventory and stock in the warehouse.

The consequence? Difficulty in stock maintenance during order processing, updating returns, exporting, and shipping. Every single order from the warehouse becomes challenging to manage. Furthermore, the Warehouse Management System is ineffective due to the absence of real-time data!

It’s crucial to align demand with your warehouse’s inventory, a task our client failed.

Supply Chain Disruptions

A Warehouse Management System serves as a connecting point to various elements across your supply chain. Therefore, a failed WMS can cause cracks in your supply chain, as our client did. Their ability to coordinate inbound and outbound operations was hampered due to a lack of visibility.

Mistakes in Order Processing

Order processing is hampered because of the lack of readily available and trustworthy data. As a result, our client missed several orders and suffered financial losses due to extended pick-up and shipping times. Also, the warehouse’s lack of inventory control led to incorrect orders.

Lack of Precise Data

This fundamental issue has been the root cause of the other problems faced by our client—the absence of technology results in inaccuracies.

Why? Warehouse Management is not a solitary endeavor. It can only yield positive outcomes if it utilizes IoT-based tools.

Excessive Reliance on Manual Labor

An over-dependence on manual labor leads to numerous issues. The cost of their numbers and services is significantly higher compared to AI. Furthermore, manual tasks and data computations are prone to errors, as was the case with our client. Instead of utilizing AI and IoT-based tools, it relied on manual labor for all tasks.

Basiq360 Inventory & Dispatch Solution

After identifying the deficiencies in our client’s Warehouse Management System, we proposed a QR code-based product. With Basiq360’s Inventory & Dispatch System – Enhance Internal Traceability of Your Warehouse

Basiq360 is built on QR code technology. It’s designed to provide you with complete inventory control. Yes, that’s our promise. And here’s how we assisted a client in your industry.

Benefits/Solutions Offered by Basiq360

Improved Internal Traceability

QR codes, our solution to the traceability issue, was a game-changer for our client. Whether indoor positioning, rack management, indoor shifting, or outdoor movement, everything can be traced via a quick scan.

Inventory Control and Management

QR codes have allowed our client to exert maximum control over its inventory. Every single unit, both incoming and outgoing, is under scrutiny. That’s possible due to QR codes labeled on each product, leading to internal inventory tracking.

Our client can now control the entire supply chain. Every incoming or outgoing movement is automatically updated in the digital inventory records. Any stock discrepancies are immediately flagged. In addition, exact returns regarding failures, return to stock, and distortion are indicated.

Rack Management

Warehouses contain numerous racks, and each rack has multiple bins. QR codes have enabled our client to efficiently manage goods placement on each rack. Manual records are no longer necessary. Basiq360 allows you to tag each unit with a unique QR code.

Moreover, each rack and bin is labeled with the QR codes of units placed on them, thus interlinking the whole process.

Dynamic Data

Basiq360 ensures quick and real-time data availability, providing our clients with dynamic data pertinent to every aspect. This data facilitates the overall functionality of their businesses, allowing for comparisons over time and implementing necessary changes.

Production Forecasting and Management

Our client can accurately forecast production by offering complete control and internal traceability. In addition, QR codes lead to automatic data updates. With such data, strategic business growth decisions can be made.

Enhanced Internal Communication

The reduction in manual tasks and the time associated with them has been significant. QR codes facilitate seamless warehouse management. Time spent on order processing, packaging, etc., has decreased due to the interconnectedness established by QR code-based WMS functionality.

FIFO Management

During order processing, an alarm is triggered. This alarm serves as a guide for the picker, indicating the goods that were received and needed to be dispatched first, i.e., FIFO management. It’s a key benefit of Basiq360, helping brands prevent product damage due to expiry.

Advantages of Employing a QR Code-Based Solution for Warehouse Management

Real-Time Information

QR codes can store vast data and deliver instant information with a single scan. This data is the driving force behind all aspects of your supply chain and its operations. The Warehouse Management System thrives on this real-time information.

Precision and Velocity

Compared to other WMS methods, QR codes shine in terms of accuracy. They offer data in a quick scan and are vital components in accelerating business operations.

Straightforward Implementation

QR codes represent the simplest tech solution. They allow you to achieve positive outcomes in your Warehouse Management System effortlessly.


Each unit is marked with pre-printed QR codes. These pre-printed QR codes cost less than other technological tools, making Basiq360 the most cost-effective WMS in the market.

Automated Inventory Update

A single scan monitors the goods flowing in or out of the warehouse. Digital inventory is automatically updated in digitally maintained inventory records.

Enhanced Consumer Interaction

QR codes help you maintain unbroken customer loyalty. They serve as a means for customers to track their orders. Moreover, they can access and monitor any data related to your company and voice their concerns.

Business Advantages

Customer Metrics

Our QR code-based solution serves as a comprehensive platform for your brand. In addition to improving the internal traceability of your warehouse, it provides real-time data related to your customers. This data can strategically plan your marketing and future production strategies.

Operational Efficiency

Our QR code product guarantees operational efficiency, reflected in the workflow and physical placements in the warehouse. In addition, QR code functionality allows for maximum internal traceability in your warehouse, smoothing productivity and boosting asset utilization.

Profit and Revenue Increase

Operational efficiency, coupled with maximum inventory control, streamlines all tasks. Our economical solution promises a revenue boost. Our client indeed achieved benchmark profits.


QR codes are the best IoT-based solution for Warehouse Management success. Therefore, Basiq360 is a trusted name for efficient and positive result-oriented Warehouse Management Systems.

If your brand faces the challenges mentioned above, the time to act is now. It’s always possible to implement change. Allow Basiq to modernize your Warehouse Management System with QR codes. As a result, we assure you of automatic and complete inventory control at your fingertips.


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