Sales Force Automation:
Streamline Your Sales Process

Boost your sales productivity and revenues with Basiq360’s Sales Force Automation tool. We’ve designed this system to optimize your sales activities and revolutionize how your sales force and channel partners work to grow your business.


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Powerful Dashboards

Our dashboards are your command center. They provide a comprehensive overview of your business, showcasing popular KPIs and metrics in real-time so that you can track your progress toward your business objectives.

The Inquiry Management System

Customer Network Management


Order Management

Our order management system puts you in the driver’s seat, offering a high degree of control over your sales orders.

Primary and Secondary Orders

Attendance Management

Check-in Module


Travel Planning

Our travel planning tool simplifies the logistics of managing a mobile sales team.

Leave Management

Visit Planning

Follow-Up Reminders


Expense Management

Our expense management tool simplifies financial oversight.


Expense Approvals

Event Planning


Gifts & POP

Our Gifts & Pops tool enhances your marketing and sales strategy.

Marketing Material Management

Task Assignment

Target Setting

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