Loyalty & Rewards Management

In the dynamic business world, the art of incentivizing your partners—distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers—plays a pivotal role in shaping your market presence. Basiq360’s Loyalty & Rewards Management system is here to transform this art into a tangible, effective strategy that boosts your sales and fosters more robust relationships with your partners.


QR-Based Points

Basiq360’s Loyalty & Rewards Management system revolutionizes how you manage your rewards programs with the QR-based points system. This system offers:

  • Quick and Effortless Setup

    The system is designed to minimize operational difficulties, ensuring the setup process is quick and effortless. This smooth implementation lets you concentrate on what truly matters – boosting your sales.

  • Flexible Bonus Incentives

    The system’s flexibility stands out, allowing you to tailor your rewards strategy to align with your business objectives. You can set up time-based, product-based, or area-wise bonus incentives.

  • Diverse Incentives

    The QR-based points system also extends to the incentives you can offer. Whether it’s one-time referral or transaction-based incentives, you can choose what best suits your business model.


Bank Transfers

Basiq360’s Loyalty & Rewards Management system takes the redemption process a notch higher by offering diverse options. This system brings:

  • Choice of Redemption

    Channel partners can redeem their points in a way that suits them best. The options range from ACH transfers to physical gifts.

  • Dynamic Point Values

    The system’s dynamic nature changes point values based on sales revenues. This feature provides an additional incentive for channel partners to increase sales.

  • Control Over Campaigns

    You can change your loyalty campaigns, manage rewards, and pause or stop campaigns whenever possible. This level of control allows you to adapt your strategy based on market trends and business needs.


Points Redemption

The Loyalty & Rewards Management system also optimizes how points are earned and redeemed. This feature encompasses:

  • Scan and Transfer-Based Earnings

    Points can be earned through scan-based and transfer-based methods, even in the case of non-QR-coded inventory. This versatility enhances the user experience for your channel partners.

  • Invoicing-Based Transfers

    The system allows invoicing-based transfers to distributors and retailers, streamlining the redemption process.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Monitor and track your loyalty program’s performance in real time. That allows you to respond to channel partner claims faster, improving your relationship with them and ensuring the smooth operation of your loyalty program.


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