Product Authentication

Basiq360’s software provides a fail-safe mechanism that safeguards your business and allows real-time product tracking, preventing supply chain disruptions, augmenting efficiency, and cutting costs.


Comprehensive Traceability

Product Authentication ensures total transparency and traceability across the entire supply chain. Our technology enables brands to monitor their products from production to delivery, guaranteeing authenticity and integrity at each stage.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    The entire system operates via QR codes, which can seamlessly integrate with your existing packaging.

  • Prompt Alerts for Agility

    Prompt alerts facilitate immediate action and enhance overall logistics operations, allowing businesses to optimize supply chain efficiency.


Brand Security

Product Authentication utilizes tamper-proof QR codes for real-time tracking, reducing supply chain disruptions and increasing efficiency. Multi-layer authentication ensures secure access to product information.

  • Digital Real-Time Tracking

    Different QR code across each unit enhances visibility and decision-making, allowing businesses to make well-informed decisions and respond to changes in the supply chain in real time.

  • Scalability With Efficiency

    Our Supply Chain solution is designed to scale with your business needs while maintaining efficiency. Our technology enables seamless tracking and management of your products, regardless of the scale of your operation.


Supercharge Your Supply Chain

Basiq360’s supply chain solution offers businesses a comprehensive solution for end-to-end traceability and digital control over their supply chain. Enhance your supply chain management and logistics with:

  • Reduced Labor Dependency

    Our QR code-based supply chain solution minimizes the need for manual labor in tracking and managing inventory, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for the company.

  • Security Track & Trace

    Our QR code solution enables swift identification and tracking of compromised products, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your brand. This feature protects your brand’s reputation and maintains customer trust.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Product Authentication’s QR code technology simplifies communication and tracking, resulting in substantial time and resource savings during and after transit. That allows the company to concentrate on more crucial tasks.


Secured Inventory & Shipment

Basiq360’s Product Authentication offers a secured inventory and shipment system. Using QR code technology ensures accurate tracking, robust security, and efficient management of your inventory and shipments.

  • FIFO Inventory Management

    Product Authentication assures first-in, first-out inventory management, ensuring optimal supply, return, and recall management.

  • Precise Shipment Tagging

    Our QR code solution allows for precise tracking and identification of each shipment, ensuring smooth and efficient distribution. This feature improves logistics and supply chain management for the company.


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