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Basiq360, formerly BasiqCRM, is a team of business process experts and software engineers dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital automation systems. Our passion for innovation and commitment to solving complex business challenges has led us to redefine business processes for modern companies.

We leverage advanced technologies like AI-driven location tracking and cloud-powered mobile applications to build intelligent dashboards and software, equipping business leaders with the tools and data they need to make informed decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower modern businesses by automating manual business processes. We believe that by providing powerful business automation tools, we can help companies unlock their full potential and drive growth.

Our Values

At Basiq360, we are committed to creating world-class solutions that help more companies find success with ease. Our values guide us in everything we do:


We take pride in our work. Every solution we create is designed and rigorously tested to meet our high standards. If it’s not world-class, it doesn’t go out the door.

Happy Work Environment

We foster an environment of honesty, empathy, and respect. We cheer each other on and genuinely care for one another because we share a common purpose: to help more people succeed by continually finding better, more human ways to work.

Agility with Accountability

We empower our team to take ownership, make decisions, take calculated risks, and get things done. This agility allows us to focus on our purpose and deliver the best tools to our customers.

True Friend of the Customer

Our goal is to make success more accessible to more people inside and outside our company. We won’t rest until we’ve completed work faster, easier, and more human for every client and team member.

Proudly by Abacus Desk

Basiq360 is brought to you by Abacus Desk, an innovative, technology-driven, research-oriented automation and IT solution provider. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the complexities of running a modern enterprise. Like the computing instrument, everything we deliver results from our data-intensive insights and rich experience.


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