Plywood & Laminates

The plywood and laminates industry, a crucial pillar of North America’s fast-growing construction and furniture sectors, is set for robust growth. However, the path to progress is paved with operational challenges. Here, we highlight some of these companies’ primary obstacles and demonstrate how Basiq360 offers tailor-made solutions.


Industry Challenges

  • Complex Distribution Networks

    As the demand for plywood and laminates grows, companies must manage a multi-tiered distribution network comprising distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers. This intricate network makes tracking sales activities, monitoring performance, and maintaining relationships daunting.

  • Sales and Order Management

    The industry’s growth has led to increasing complexities in order management. Handling primary orders (executed by the company) and secondary orders (approved and implemented by distributors) has become a significant operational hurdle, necessitating efficient sales staff management.

  • Inventory and Logistics

    The rapid growth and expansion of companies in this sector have amplified inventory management challenges. Accurate tracking of warehouse-to-warehouse and warehouse-to-customer transfers and efficient dispatch processes are vital to prevent stock-outs or overstocking, both of which can severely impact profitability.

  • Pricing & Market Segmentation

    With a range of consumer price points and a significant unorganized sector, companies must cater to a wide array of market segments. That makes pricing strategies and market segmentation more complex, requiring strategic planning and execution.

  • Incentivizing Sales Influencers

    Motivating  distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers to promote and sell more of a company’s products is a persistent challenge. Establishing an efficient and transparent rewards management system is crucial to stimulate sales and growing market share.


How Basiq360 Helps

Basiq360 offers comprehensive solutions to these industry-specific challenges, helping businesses streamline operations and maximize their growth potential.

  • 360° Sales Enablement

    Basiq360 provides powerful dashboards, allowing businesses to effectively manage and monitor their complex distribution networks. Its automation features enhance order management, helping companies to handle primary and secondary orders efficiently, thus eliminating operational complexities and facilitating quicker deal closures.

  • Inventory & Logistics

    Basiq360’s QR-based automation features revolutionize inventory management by allowing real-time stock tracking across multiple warehouses. Additionally, the platform streamlines the dispatch process, ensuring efficient warehouse-to-customer transfers and preventing stock discrepancies.

  • Pricing Strategy & Segmentation

    With Basiq360, businesses can gain insights into consumer price trends and market segments, formulating effective pricing strategies and targeting the right market segments. This comprehensive market understanding can help companies gain a competitive edge.

  • Loyalty & Rewards

    Basiq360 offers a Loyalty & Rewards Management system that incentivizes  distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers to sell more products. With features like QR-based points, ACH bank transfers, and flexible points redemption, Basiq360 provides the tools to maintain a motivated and high-performing sales network.


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