Sales Enablement Automation

Boost your sales productivity and revenues with Basiq360’s Sales Enablement Automation solution. We’ve designed this system to optimize your sales activities and revolutionize how your Sales Enablement Automation and channel partners work to grow your business.


Powerful Dashboards

Our dashboards are your command center. They provide a comprehensive overview of your business, showcasing popular KPIs and metrics in real-time so that you can track your progress toward your business objectives.

  • The Inquiry Management System

    This system collects and organizes data from various sources. It gives your sales team a clear picture of customer inquiries, helping them respond promptly and effectively.

  • Customer Network Management

    This tool manages your entire network, including distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers. It offers a detailed look at all the players involved in your sales process, helping you identify opportunities for growth and improvement.


Order Management

Our order management system puts you in the driver’s seat, offering a high degree of control over your sales orders.

  • Primary and Secondary Orders

    The system can manage both primary orders (executed by your company) and secondary orders (approved and implemented by distributors. This dual system ensures smooth operations and efficient execution of sales orders.

  • Attendance Management

    Our punch-in and out system, integrated with HRIS via APIs, helps you monitor your sales reps attendance. It provides reliable data for reporting, enabling you to track and improve productivity.

  • Check-in Module

    This module logs your salespeople’s visits throughout the day. It promotes accountability and offers insights into your team’s field activities, helping you optimize their schedules and routes.


Travel Planning

Our travel planning tool simplifies the logistics of managing a mobile sales team.

  • Leave Management

    With a system for leave application and senior managers’ approval, your sales team can balance work demands and personal needs.

  • Visit Planning

    Your team can plan visits, organize calendars, and get approval from managers. It streamlines coordination, reduces misunderstandings, and enhances productivity.

  • Follow-Up Reminders

    Never miss a lead again. Our tool connects follow-up reminders to the Inquiries and Customer Network modules, ensuring your sales team stays on top of potential opportunities.


Expense Management

Our expense management tool simplifies financial oversight.

  • Announcements

    You can share important notifications and updates with your entire team. It fosters transparency and ensures everyone stays informed.

  • Expense Approvals

    The tool streamlines the financial approval process for expense requests from salespeople. It prevents overspending and ensures fiscal responsibility.

  • Event Planning

    Plan, organize, and manage events with ease. With approval from managers built into the system, you can ensure all events align with company goals and budgets.



Our Gifts tool enhances your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Marketing Material Management

    You can manage marketing materials, including gifts. This feature lets you track your promotional campaigns, measure their effectiveness, and optimize them accordingly.

  • Task Assignment

    Assign tasks and track progress, ensuring all duties are completed on time. It keeps your team organized, accountable, and on track to hit their goals.

  • Target Setting

    Set specific targets for your sales team, including primary (customer- and segment-wise), secondary, and counter-visit targets. These targets provide clear goals for your team, driving ambition and fostering a competitive spirit. In addition, the ability to track progress towards these targets ensures transparency and accountability, encouraging your team to deliver their best performance.


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