Automobile Parts

The automobile parts industry faces various challenges, each demanding unique solutions. Here, we explore these challenges in more detail and examine how Basiq360, with its suite of powerful features, is uniquely positioned to help.


Inventory & Logistics

Managing inventory in the automobile parts industry can be complex due to the following issues:

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Tracking stock levels
  • Ensuring timely delivery
  • Dealing with returns and price changes

Basiq360’s Solution

Basiq360’s Inventory & Logistics addresses these challenges with a QR-based automation system:

  • QR-code based inventory generation simplifies inventory tracking
  • Stock management across multiple warehouses becomes efficient
  • Dispatch against the invoice with QR-code mapping ensures timely delivery
  • Gate pass generation, sales returns, and label reprinting in case of price changes or transportation issues are handled seamlessly.

Sales Staff Coordination

Coordinating the sales staff activities in the automobile parts industry can be demanding due to:

  • Travel planning
  • Expense management
  • Order management

Basiq360’s Solution

Basiq360’s Sales Enablement Automation feature streamlines these processes:

  • Powerful dashboards provide a bird’s eye view of progress on business objectives.
  • Travel planning and expense management are made efficient.
  • Order management, including primary and secondary orders, is automated.
  • Marketing materials and assignments are tracked and managed effectively.

Distributor Relationships

Maintaining effective relationships with distributors is often challenging due to:

  • Ensuring constant communication
  • Managing sales targets
  • Dealing with invoicing and payments

Basiq360’s Solution

The Supplier Management System offered by Basiq360 ensures 360º transparency into your channel partnerships:

Dashboard and customer network management tools help maintain strong relationships. Order management and accounts handling become efficient. Sales targets are easily managed and shared across the team.


Loyalty Program

Implementing and managing effective incentive programs for retailers, distributors, and other sales influencers can be complex due to:

  • The need for an easily manageable system
  • Flexibility to change the program as needed
  • The ability to track the program’s performance in real-time

Basiq360’s Solution

Basiq360’s Loyalty & Rewards Management system addresses these needs:

  • Quick and effortless setup of QR-based rewards programs and point redemptions for your channel partners.
  • Choice of redemption via ACH banks transfers or physical gifts adds flexibility.
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of your loyalty program’s performance allows you to respond to channel partner claims faster.

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