Inventory & Logistics

In business operations, managing inventory and logistics can be complex and challenging. But with Basiq360’s Inventory & Logistics system, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth. This system is poised to revolutionize your warehouse operations by harnessing the power of QR-based automation.


QR-Based Inventory

With Basiq360’s Inventory & Logistics system, harness the power of technology to overhaul your inventory processes. This transformation is centered around:

  • QR-Code Based Inventory Generation

    This system initiates a paradigm shift in inventory management by introducing QR-code-based inventory generation. This technology-driven approach enhances accuracy and efficiency, making inventory management a breeze.

  • Versatile Stock Management

    The system offers a versatile approach to stock management across multiple warehouses. Two effective methods are employed:

    Warehouse-to-Warehouse Transfer: This method facilitates smooth stock movement between warehouses. It ensures that each warehouse maintains optimal stock levels, helping prevent stock-outs or overstocking.

    Warehouse-to-Customer Transfer: This method streamlines the transfer of goods directly from the warehouse to the customer. It enhances the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment, boosting customer satisfaction.


QR-Mapped Dispatch

Basiq360’s Inventory & Logistics system redefines the dispatch process with QR-mapped dispatch. This feature encompasses:

  • Dispatch Against Invoice

    The system allows for dispatch against the invoice with QR-code mapping. This procedure increases accuracy and reduces errors, ensuring that the right products reach customers.

  • Gate Pass Generation

    The system automates gate pass generation, a crucial step in the dispatch process. This automation speeds up the dispatch process and reduces paperwork.

  • Sales Returns

    The system efficiently handles sales returns, a critical aspect of customer service. This efficient handling ensures that returns are processed quickly, satisfying your customers.

  • Label Reprinting

    In case of price changes or transportation issues, the system allows for label reprinting. This feature maintains the accuracy of the information on the product labels, ensuring smooth operations.


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