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  • Boost Your Sales with Automation

    Keep it simple with our SaaS platform — no installation required to start automating your sales activities. Manage your sales reps and channel partners to close more deals faster.

  • Manage Your Channel Partners Efficiently

    Ingest and manage your distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers more efficiently, driving them to sell more of your products and increasing your bottom line.

  • Gain Full Visibility into Your Value Chain

    Start tracking, analyzing, and visualizing your inventory and logistics operations with powerful, easy-to-understand dashboards. Associate every product with a unique QR code, making it possible to track its journey from warehouse to customer.

  • Secure Your Business Operations

    Keep your business safe in a highly secure environment. Our system encourages distributors, retailers, and other sales influencers to sell more of your products while providing a reliable and safe way to track rewards and eliminate the risk of fake products.

What You'll Get with Your Basiq360 Trial

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  1. Boost your sales and revenue with comprehensive automation.
  2. Manage your channel partners more efficiently.
  3. Gain complete visibility into your value chain with QR-based tracking.
  4. Secure your business operations and reduce the risk of fake products.

Trusted by Leading Companies Across Industries

“Basiq360’s Supplier Management System has revolutionized how we manage our distributor network. The cloud-based system provides us with complete transparency into our channel partnerships, helping us build stronger relationships and grow our business. We’re very satisfied with the results.”
Dharmesh Garg, Okaya.


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