Pricing That Works
for Every Business

We offer pricing that works for every business, big or small. Whether you're a startup looking for cost-effective solutions or an established enterprise seeking robust automation tools, we've got you covered. Explore our pricing options and discover how Basiq360 can provide value to your business.


How Our Pricing Works

1. Users and Admins

We charge a monthly subscription cost based on the total number of users and admins required on our platform. A one-time payment option is also available.

2. Implementation

There's a one-time customization cost for our tech team to implement your Basiq360 system and user data so you can be quickly up and running.

One Team, One Dream

Every Basiq360 client will have a dedicated
team committed to your success.

Customer Success

A trusted advisor and advocate
to help along your journey.


Response to technical issues
within 24 hours.

Product Solutions

Platform experts that guide you through
your implementation and training.


A team of automation experts who can provide
additional assistance during implementation.

What Our Clients Say

"Since we started using Basiq360's Sales Enablement Automation, we've seen a significant increase in our sales productivity. The system is intuitive, easy to use, and has helped us close deals faster than ever before. Our sales staff and channel partners have never been more empowered and motivated."

Shankar Aggarwal, Microtek

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