What Is Sales Enablement Automation? The Complete Guide.

What Is Sales Enablement Automation? The Complete Guide.

In the bustling realm of business sales, the challenges faced by the sales team are increasingly pronounced. Research reveals that 61% of salespeople encounter selling difficulties, while 54% struggle to engage with prospects effectively. Additionally, there is an anticipated 55% decline in pipelines, highlighting the need for an intuitive Sales Enablement Automation system now more than ever.

SEA has the power to automate over 30% of sales tasks, fundamentally reshaping how businesses approach their sales operations. Don’t just take my word for it; let the numbers speak for themselves. SEA is proven to reduce sales administration time by up to 14%, providing your team with more opportunities to focus on revenue-generating activities. And that’s not all – it can also boost sales productivity by up to 14.5%, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in successful deal closures.

So, what exactly is Sales Enablement Automation?

Sales Enablement Automation, often called sales automation, is a strategic approach that uses advanced software and systematic workflows to enhance sales management. The core objective is to streamline sales operations by reducing the manual, repetitive tasks that burden sales teams. It simplifies opportunity tracking, contact management, and task organization by centralizing customer interactions, swift responses, and setting up timely reminders.

Acting as a robust software platform, SEA lightens the load of daily sales tasks. It releases sales professionals from daunting tasks like data entry and email composing, giving them back valuable hours. With SEA, sales teams can redirect their energy toward building relationships, engaging clients, and driving conversions.

But don’t get confused with CRM. While SEA and CRM often go hand-in-hand, they do serve different purposes. CRM manages the overall spectrum of customer relations from start to finish. On the other hand, SEA mainly focuses on customer acquisition and task optimization within the sales process.

Now that you know about SEA, let’s explore some common pain points businesses encounter without SEA and see how this powerful tool can tackle them.

Time-Consuming Data Entry

Sales teams are often burdened by the tedious and time-consuming task of manually inputting data into the sales database and CRM system. It not only diverts valuable resources away from more strategic activities but also introduces a significant risk of errors and inconsistencies. 

The manual data entry process is prone to bottlenecks and delays, especially during high-demand periods or when dealing with a large volume of leads and customer interactions. This can result in slow response times and hinder collaboration among sales team members.

Our valued client Microtek faced this very challenge, which impeded their sales team’s efficiency and growth potential. Recognizing this pain point, we tailored a Sales Enablement Automation solution specifically to address their needs. Through our Sales Enablement Automation , we automated the collection, organization, and input of customer data, resulting in an impressive 23% surge in Microtek’s sales productivity.

Inefficient Lead Management

Throughout the lead generation process, every business faces a common setback- the transition from lead identification to conversion. The momentum generated during the initial engagement phase dissipates, and the window of opportunity narrows, potentially costing businesses profitable conversions.

Furthermore, manually determining the right individual to handle each lead aggravates the issue. Significant time is devoted to determining the appropriate lead owner, diverting essential resources from more crucial tasks.

Our Sales Enablement Automation technology seamlessly bridges the gap between marketing and sales. By integrating workflows, automated lead assignment, and real-time data synchronization, we empower businesses to capture, categorize, and distribute leads efficiently. This transformative approach ensures that every lead is swiftly routed to the most appropriate sales representative.

Lack of real-time Insights

Relying on manual sales processes can significantly impact a business by depriving it of data-driven insights and analysis. The shortfall in sales analytics makes it challenging to identify trends, understand customer behavior, and make strategic adjustments that resonate with evolving market dynamics.

A lack of sales insights can lead to missed opportunities and weaken decision-making power. Decision-makers are left in a state of uncertainty, unable to make well-informed choices that could drive effective sales strategies. 

With Basiq360’s Sales Enablement Automation, Ozone, a renowned company in the hardware industry, experienced a remarkable 30% increase in sales efficiency and revenue growth. By incorporating our dashboards for real-time monitoring of KPIs, streamlined order management, and integrated Sales reps attendance tracking through HRIS, the company was able to redefine its sales operations.

Complexity in Task Management

Amidst the complex web of tasks and processes that define modern business, maintaining a flawless task management system can prove to be a challenge for the sales team. The burden of overseeing every task, from lead follow-ups to contract negotiations, can overwhelm even the most organized teams. 

The absence of a seamless task management system results in inefficiencies, diminished productivity, and an increased risk of errors. Maintaining a balance between priorities and giving equal attention to every task further leads to burnout and subpar performance.

For example, with our task assignment feature, we alleviated one electric company’s task management challenges by automating task assigning, progress tracking and ensuring timely completion of duties. Our system also helped them with visit planning, calendar organization, and managerial approvals. The client’s sales team can now effortlessly balance work demands and personal needs, resulting in optimized performance and a unified work environment.

Our Sales Enablement Automation is a transformative imperative for modern businesses. With SEA, your sales reps can transcend mundane tasks, making way for more meaningful interactions, strategic decision-making, and unprecedented growth.

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